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Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy is one such process considered for hair loss. This treatment is very efficient. It is a non-surgical therapy to stimulate and regrow hair follicles. Stem cells that are present in the middle of the follicle ensure the continuous supply of cells. Thus, it helps in multiplying hair cells to treat hair loss or baldness. While aging, the follicles tend to shrink and stop responding to the chemical signals given to it; this hinders the process of hair growth. The follicle stem cell sends off chemical signals to the shrunken follicles. This, in turn, helps in regenerating and growing healthy hair. This therapy not only helps fight hair loss but also improves the quality and texture of hair. This treatment has no side effects and is absolutely safe. This therapy is having blend of 40+ ingredients with 3 additional ingredients for women therapy. This therapy is having worldwide 9 patents and available in more than 30+ countries since from 16 years. 2 to 4 months treatment are required depending upon the stages of thinning and hair loss. This therapy provides Customized treatment options for Men and women. This therapy is having three different grades for Mild, Moderate and Severe stages of hair thinning and Hair loss.

Benefits of the Stem Cell Therapy for Hair Growth

  • A sure shot solution to hair loss
  • Relatively, the safest way to reborn hair
  • Improvement in Hair Density
  • Increase in Diameter of Hair shaft
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Positive results within a month



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