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I would like to prescribe Crescina because Crescina is having Swiss Patent Technology. Crescina comprises of Patented Technology Molecules. Results of Crescina are Very Effective and lasts for longer period. There is no side effect of Crescina.

- Dr.Megha,Mumbai

Stem cells are the most advancement therapy in medical science now-a- days for the treatment of hair loss. Crescina is the best innovative treatment for Androgenetic Alopecia. After application of Crescina there will not be any side effects and dependency.

- Dr.Pritam Pankaj,Delhi

I tried Crescina on 6 patients which shows improvement in hair re-growth within 30-45 days application. Therefore it is a choice of treatment for hair loss.

- Dr.Rajat Kandhari,Delhi

I have been using Crescina HFSC 100 % since last 2 months. It is indeed marvellous to see improvement of hair fall within a month of usage. I am extremely happy to use the product and as well recommend to my patients. My patients gave a very satisfying feedback. They were indeed very thankful to me for writing this product. They found very good improvement.

- Dr.Renukaramakrishannan,Chennai

I have been used Crescina for 3 months and I found good results in my patients. I personally also used the Crescina and it shows the wonderful effect.

- Dr.Vivek Mehta,Delhi

Crescina HFSC is a wonderful product with fabulous results and ultimate patient satisfaction. I am pretty happy with the product Crescina.

- Dr.Monisha Kapoor,Delhi

Crescina is an excellent product and maintain the quality of the hair.

- Dr.Lipy Gupta,Delhi

Crescina 1300 and 500 woman has given an excellent results in Female Pattern Hair Loss. Crescina starts to show response in AGA and TE within the period of 1 month.

- Dr.Harikishankumar,Bangalore

Crescina HFSC solution I have used for few of my patients and patients have given a satisfactory feedback. Even clinically I also have seen visible improvement.

- Dr.Jagdish P.,Bangalore

Crescina is a very good option in the treatment of AGA and TE. I am using Crescina since from 3 months and this product seems to be promising. I have prescribed more than 50 units of Crescina and results are encouraging.

- Dr.Neeraj Pandey,Lucknow

I have used Crescina 500 and 1300 in all grades of alopecia, in both males and females, age ranging from 24 year to 50 years. I have observed excellent response in AGA and TE. Patients are highly compliant and report subjective improvement.

- Dr.Amit Madan,Lucknow

found that Crescina is a very useful product in Acute Hair loss Patients, Acute and Chronic TE. Results of Crescina are also encouraging in AGA of man and woman.

- Dr.Aman Dua,Ludhiana

Crescina is a Non-Injectable treatment. Crescina works for Hair fall, Hair thinning problem and shows hair re-growth in Grade-5 of AGA. Crescina is cost effective treatment compared to surgical procedure. Crescina shows visible results after 4 months of application. Crescina is very comfortable in usage and application. Patients can use Crescina their home also.

- Dr.Rakhee Sharma,Mumbai

Crescina works for pattern hair loss as well as diffuse Telogen Effluvium. Crescina is a very good product for filling gap in therapies of hair loss.

- Dr.Bela Shah,Ahmedabad

I have used Crescina for patients who were suffering from AGA and Hair loss problem. Patients showed very good response and ready to prescribe Crescina on more number of patients.

- Dr.Selva Prabhu,Chennai

Not every person or patients who are suffering from alopecia can be given Minoxidil so it is better to have the product like Crescina whereby side effects can be controlled. None of the product in the market have better efficacy outcome like Crescina has.

- Dr.Shubhangi Mestry,Mumbai

Crescina is an Excellent product to control hair fall within a short time. All my patients are extremely happy and relieved.

- Dr.Chandan A,Chennai

Crescina Solution to be very effective and as far as efficacy is Concern it shows good results.

- Dr.Rajesh Katariya,Indore

Crescina is a very good product for Hair Nourishment and Hair-Regrowth as well as for new hair.

- Dr.Devendra Jillare,Nagpur

Crescina is a wonderful product in terms of reducing hair fall. The applicator and Vial breaker are unique and patient friendly.

- Dr.Vivek Dey,Bhopal

Crescina 1300 is giving Dramatic results within 15 days in terms of Quality of hairs and density. Patients are satisfied with the results.

- Dr.Rahul Bade,Aurangabad

Crescina is giving dramatic results within 30 days and increase the quality of hair . Crescina also increase the Hair Density and Hair Thickness within 60 days of application.

- Dr.Meenakshi Tondon,Bhopal

Crescina has worked well for my patients. I am happy with the results of Crescina.

- Dr.Minu Menon,Navi Mumbai

Crescina- Stem cell based topical preparation is on e of the most promising product. As far as results are concerned, I am quite happy with it. It is working really well in TE (Telogen Effluvium) and AGA (Androgenetic Alopecia) patients

- Dr.Nishita Seth,Mumbai





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