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  • 1.What is Crescina?
    • Crescina HFSC contains stem cell engine, amino acids like Cysteine, Lysine and Glycoprotein and combined with other ingredients to promote physiological hair regrowth and to control hair loss.

  • 2.What is hair thinning?
    • Hair thinning is an evolving phenomenon occurs due to hair loss and there are various causes which results in decrease in the number of hairs per square centimeter and increasingly extensive areas of scalp become visible, where hair has thinned out.

  • 3.What is the use of different grades of Crescina? What are the differences amongst each grade?
    • Crescina HFSC has 3 grades (for both men and women) designed on the basis of severity of hair loss.

      1) Crescina HFSC 200: For initial grades of hair thinning

      2) Crescina HFSC 500: For medium grades of hair thinning

      3) Crescina HFSC 1300: For high grades of hair thinning

      As per the condition of hair, doctor prescribes appropriate grade of Crescina to individuals.

  • 4.What is Stem Cell engine?
    • Stem engine is a combination of active plant stem cells which creates an ideal environment for activation of hair follicles & bulge stem cells which results in physiological hair regrowth & improves overall hair health.

  • 5.How effective is Crescina in hair regrowth?
    • Crescina is well effective in both male and female hair loss with unique composition leads to hair regrowth. More than 85% of users are satisfied with results of Crescina.* (Data on file)

  • 6.What is the difference between Crescina for men and women?
    • Crescina offers selective treatment for men & women

      Women, unlike men, do hair aesthetic treatments that are particularly stressful for shaft and the scalp. Therefore the women formulation includes some additional active ingredients useful to protect and nourish the hair and the scalp. These ingredients are Glutamine, Vitamin H and a conditioner that protects the hair from cosmetic aggressions and mechanical solicitations.

  • 7.What is the duration of therapy?
    • Although duration of therapy varies from patient to patient, a minimum treatment of 2 months is recommended.

  • 8.How it should be applied?
  • 9.Is there any contraindication during use of Crescina?
    • No, there is no any contraindication. Clearly, like all cosmetic products, the skin of the scalp must be intact and healthy, with no lesions of any kind.

  • 10.Which are the precautions to be taken during treatment?
    • We recommend to apply Crescina on a clean and dry scalp to make easier penetration of active ingredients. However, it is not necessary to wash hair every day, if scalp is not oily or present dandruff.




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